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Shopping in Cambridge ON

Cambridge, ON is very hard to ignore when looking for a vacation destination in Ontario. The city offers more than meets the eye. Cambridge has so many attractions to the point that it might be hard deciding where to start your exploration of the city. Cambridge On also features a plethora of unique restaurants serving food from every corner of the world means you’ll have something new to try out every day.

In the shopping arena, Cambridge is home to nationally popular shopping destinations and features some of the most affordable shopping options in Ontario. The city houses a number of shopping centers, farmers markets, designer shop, boutiques, and stores that all lie within a walking distance from each other. Cambridge, famous for its fashion, is a perfect destination for all for avid shoppers, tourists, and foodies. Below are some of the city’s prime shopping destinations and what they have to offer.

Cambridge Centre

This is a giant shopping mall located on Hespeler Road which is Cambridge’s main business district. The mall dates back to 1996 when it was constructed on the site of what used to be the John Galt Centre. During its, inception, the mall’s main anchors were the Miracle Food Mart and Miracle Mart. Cambridge Centre underwent major expansions and renovations in the early 2000s with the most notable additions being a standard ice rink next to the food court and several departmental stores.

Today, Cambridge Centre sells anything you might think of including electronics and accessories, clothes and footwear, food and supplies and much more. The prices are moderate and the stores range from top brands to the simple of them all. The food court offers a wide variety of dining options and you can enjoy your tasty meal while enjoying a “skate-show” at the Cambridge Ice Centre.

SmartCentres Cambridge

Moving on, SmartCentres Cambridge is a medium-sized shopping mall located at 22 Pinebush Road, featuring a wide variety of stores and outlets with unbeatable prices. SmartCentres Cambridge is a great place to shop, eat, and watch a movie, especially around midday. The mall features spacious parking and great prices on all items.

Westgate Centre

Located at 130 Cedar Street, Westgate Centre is a locally popular shopping plaza which conveniently serves the people living in and around its location. The plaza features a hardware store, Chinese food, pizzeria, grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store and more. Despite the inconvenience caused by the parking menace, Westgate Centre remains one of the best shopping destinations in town.