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Shopping in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Despite being a somewhat-laid back community, Kitchener’s development is undeniable. The city is a leading economic and infrastructural center as depicted the beautiful skyline particularly near the downtown core and the well-established transportation system. Kitchener, ON is also a commercial hub featuring some of the best shopping centers in the entire Ontario region. They include shopping malls, specialty stores, supermarkets, farmers markets, and shopping complexes.

Being a distinguished tourist destination, Kitchener Ontario is thus a designated shopping destination for both locals as well as visitors. Below are some of the shopping spots you ought to check out during your stay in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON:

CF Fairview Park

This is a large shopping complex located at 2960 Kingsway Drive in the heart of Kitchener city. Dubbed the Fairview Park Mall, this establishment features around 120 stores with the main anchor stores being Wal-Mart and Hudson’s Bay.  Sears, which was also an anchor store in the mall is currently closed and vacant but there plans for redevelopment in the near future. Fairview Park mall dates back to the 1960s and is one of the largest malls in the region following its 2007 redevelopment which saw the addition of a new food court.

Sunrise Shopping Centre

Next on the list is Sunrise mall located at 1400 Ottawa Street, South. The mall opens from 9:30 am to 9 pm and features a neatly organized interior space with a vast variety of stores, restaurants, and services providers. Free on-site parking is also available. The mall offers incredible services and great prices for all its products and services.

White Tiger Vintage

Just like the name suggests, this is a vintage clothes store at 248 King Street, East that runs from 11:30 am to 6 pm all week. This upscale store offers a wide variety of clothing option especially for ladies. Their fashion is trendy and always up-to-date and their prices are reportedly on the higher side of things so don’t go expecting thrift store-like prices. White Tiger Vintage is the place to shop if you are only interested in shopping for classy clothing. The store is well organized with sweet music playing in the background and a great changing room.

Highland Park Shopping Centre

Yet another mall, Highland Park Shopping Centre is located at 525 Highland Rd W. This gigantic facility sells everything including classic cars, food stuff, electronics and more. The mall, unlike most local shopping facilities, runs for 24 hours including on weekends. There are hundreds of stores, food joints, and service booths offering all kinds of goods, delicious international cuisine and such. The facility id run by a team of dedicated attendants.

Other shopping areas include Oxford Mills Factory Outlet, Stanley Park Mall, Carry-On Comics & Books, Sportsworld Crossing and Alpine Centre among others.