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Shopping in London ON

We all love getting new things for ourselves by shopping around and there is nothing more exciting thing than walking into a shop or store and buying the new piece of jewelry or the appliance you have been saving for. London, Ontario is home to some reputable shopping malls, convenience store and markets that make shopping within the city both interesting and fun. These facilities offer decent prices for the latest fashions in jewelry, clothes, art pictures, appliances, and books among other things and attract a lot of shoppers from within the city and beyond. Here are some of the best shopping destinations in London Ontario.

The Covent Market

Probably the most visited farmers market in the city, The Covent Market is the perfect place to shop for fresh kitchen supplies in large quantities especially if you are a foodie. All the products sold here are not only fresh but also locally grown meaning that you will not only be doing yourself a favor by buying fresh organic supplies but also you’ll be promoting local farmers. The Covent Market features an indoor and outdoor market with the indoor market running all week throughout the four seasons while the outdoor section opens only on Thursdays and Saturdays. It is worth noting that the market sells more than just the foodstuff and kitchen supplies; there are plenty of other merchandises including the likes of flowers and jewelry.

Masonville Place

Located at 1680 Richmond Street, this ultramodern shopping mall features various reputable brands in its 150 plus stores that are dedicated to providing a memorable shopping experience. Some of the brands include Sport Check, Hudson’s Bay, H&M, Forever21, and Shoppers Drug Mart. There is a Cineplex for where movie enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the latest movies while still enjoying their shopping spree.

Gibraltar Weekend Market

Ranked as one of London’s top flea markets, Gibraltar is the place to go if you’re looking for great items at a surprisingly good price. It makes a perfect place for a family shopping trip and there is definitely something for everyone. Some of the items on sale include foodstuff, toys, collectibles, books, and various gadgets. The people here are very friendly and accommodating and this is probably one of the few places in the city where you can bargain about the prices without looking or feeling weird. Gibraltar Weekend Market is a must visit for anyone looking to experience shopping on a whole new level.