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Top lunch restaurants in London ON

With the many top-rated lunch restaurants that can be found throughout the city of London Ontario, finding one to really satisfy your taste preferences can be a tricky task. Below are some pointers to help you pick a restaurant that will work for you:

The Tasting Room

This is a contemporary restaurant located at 483 Richmond Street. It opens daily from 11:30 am till late at night. This joint offers delicious lunch dishes including pasta, meat, and seafood among others. They also have a nice selection of exotic wines so tasting a new wine is made all easy. The staff is kind and very attentive to detail, making every visit worthwhile.  The food is exquisite and cooked to perfection with a homemade taste, making the restaurant an everyday go-to. If you love to explore new dishes with that traditional use of ingredients and local produce, then this is the place for you.

Mai’s Café & Bistro

This is a locally owned restaurant located at 142 Wortley Road providing a variety of traditional Thai dishes & soups in a comfortable atmosphere. This awesome eatery is opened from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and offers optional takeout services but no deliveries. The parking lot is spacious and secure so you are guaranteed of safety as you are enjoying their mouth-watering lunch. All their food served here is freshly prepared with Thai traditional ingredients that will awaken all your taste buds. As for their staff and services you’ll definitely leave this place with a good impression.

The Works

This is a modern restaurant located at 145 King Street that opens from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. One of its exceptional features is that they offer vegan and gluten-free options in great portions and at a very fair price which coupled up with their friendly and attentive staff make this walk-in restaurant one of the best in town. Based on your preference, the waiters will be able to suggest the best choice of meal that you will take. They have an updated menu and quick services serving your meals hot as per your request. The atmosphere is cool with beautiful decor giving the restaurant a cozy feel. For burger lovers, this is the place to grab that delicious mouthwatering burger.

Mythic Grill

This charming eatery is located at 179 Albert Street and offers Greek based dishes. Its doors are opened from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm serving Souvlaki, gyro & other Greek dishes. Everything about this place is great, good atmosphere, excellent dishes, fair prices, and welcoming staff. The management is caring and there is a security team to keep everything in order. Their takeout service is one that you can really rely upon on.