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Weather in Mississauga ON

Summer is by far one of the busiest seasons in Mississauga, ON when most fun-seeking locals and visitors fill the cityís streets. A lot of activities depend on the weather which is why if everything goes well, summer becomes the best time to visit Mississauga, ON. However, if you plan properly, any time is a good time to visit this beautiful jewel of Ontario. Your planning will, of course, depend on what your trip to Mississauga Ontario is all about. Apart from priorities and preferences, the weather is a major variable that should not be overlooked.

Don’t bother about what the calendar says; the following are Toronto’s real seasons: Spring starts from late March and lasts till mid-May; summer starts in mid-May and runs till mid-September; fall stars from mid-September and runs till mid-November; and last but not least, winter starts from mid-November and lasts till late March. Mississauga’s highest temperature which is during the summer months is around 89.6 ∞F; the lowest goes up to 5.0 ∞F during winters. The average period of the first frost to appear is October 28 while the average period for the last frost is April 19. When compared to other parts of the county, Mississauga receives a relatively low amount of snow which is around 43†inches per year. Winds emanating from Lake Ontario tend to be vicious at times and it’s always best to bring along a light jacket just to be safe.

During spring, the months of March, April and early May are very ideal for visiting Mississauga. During this period, you get to enjoy the great vegetation and superb winter nights which are way different from what you get to see during the summer period. This period is also filled with festivals and events and the weather is very friendly.
Autumn in Mississauga comes with overflowing colors and beautiful sceneries as thousands of trees around the city experience a change of color in their leaves. Autumn runs from around June to August. Apart from the strong winds, the weather remains friendly for outdoor exploration.

Mississauga gets truly lively and inspiring during the summer months. Its most peopleís favorite time to visit the city for so many reasons: Summer is associated with major concerts, events, and festivals that draw thousands of people to the Cerebration Square every day. During this period, the music never seems to end, the climate gets somewhat hot but not to the extreme end, the sky is clear, and the cultural celebrations are at full swing.

Mississauga is an extensive and wonderful city, filled with beautiful attractions and interesting events all year round. It’s a bustling metropolis that always has something for everyone. You can always find something good to do and the people of Mississauga are very welcoming.